News crew NY 5 year 9/11 coverage
Festival of the Vibes, camera crews
Freelance videographer Leann Rimes shoot
NYC video crew Normady France 1999,
Albany video crew Tuesday with Ty shoot Al & Ty
Live Hospital broadcast medical video
Hired Gun Video Sears Manage my Home shoot
concert video crew Todd Rundgren's
web streaming
New York Video Crew
Albany camera crew
Corporate video crew
live camera crew Tribeca red carpet 2010
Al's news van 9/12/01
Instructional video production
VT video crew Justin Beiber live
medical video production
HD video production
Live video production Tribeca 2011
Live concert video production
multi camera production Tribeca mobile control room
HD video crew Earth Day 2010 Times Square
ENG video Saratoga 2011
NJ video crew - Lady Gaga 2011
Entertainment camera crew
Event video
New York Video Crew Lady Gaga 2011
Local professional video crews
and video production services
Photo Gallery
A collection of snapshots in no particular order from
various Hired Gun Video shoots over the years.