Hired Gun Video is Al Figols and a carefully selected group of colleagues all of which are experienced
professionals covering all areas of the professional video production industry.

Al Figols has been in the video production business since 1995 starting as a news shooter/live truck
operator in the NYC market and quickly moved up the ranks to production. He went freelance in 1997
and in 2007 formed Hired Gun Video.

Al's goal with Hired Gun Video is to provide to you what many others don't....a truely experienced video
production team, bringing together many great talents from varying video production backgrounds and
experiences to your production.

Hired Gun Video only provides crew members that Al Figols personally knows and works with. This ensures
that you will get the correct crew for your particular job and budget as well as a crew that works well
together. There is no such thing as "one crew fits all".

Local professional video crews
and video production services